Manufacturing Recruiting Strategies That Get Results

February 15, 2023

Are you looking to fill open manufacturing positions quickly and effectively? If so, then it’s important to understand what strategies work best for attracting and selecting the right people for the job. Here, we’ll cover effective ways to peak applicant interest, review applications, and track the progress of your manufacturing recruiting efforts.

Manufacturing Recruiting Strategies | HotFoot Recruiters
  • Have a Clear and Transparent Hiring Post
    An outstanding job post has a concise job title, a detailed responsibilities list, education & experience requirements, and the skill sets required to perform its duties. This provides prospective candidates with a clear understanding of the position itself, the overall business, and most importantly, the company culture. As a result, this can help you screen more-qualified candidates when it comes to interviewing and testing.


  • Rely on Employee Referrals
    An effective recruiting strategy is to rely on employee referrals. Ask your current employees to refer quality candidates with the right skills and qualifications. Relying on referrals can give you access to a wider pool of qualified potential hires and it sends the message that current employees are satisfied with their experience working for your company. Furthermore, employee referrals typically result in faster onboarding and better overall retention rates.


  • Utilize Recruiting Platforms with Pre-Screening Questions and Assessments
    Take advantage of modern recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed that allow you to track and review applications and even use pre-screening questions and assessments. These tools provide the opportunity to assess a candidate’s interests, technical proficiency, knowledge, problem-solving skills, and communication style, among other attributes. By including a variety of on-demand assessments with customizable questions you can ensure the best candidate is chosen for the job.


  • Take Advantage of Experienced Recruiting Firms
    The recruiting process can be sped up and expenses reduced for your business by working with a reputable local search firm like HotFoot Recruiter. In order to ensure that your prospective candidates meet your necessary specifications, search companies will work closely with you while accessing a wider and more diverse pool of talent through their networks and tools.


  • Consider Open House Style Recruitment Events
    Holding an open house recruitment event can drastically cut down on the time it takes to find qualified applicants. An open house allows more candidates to interact with representatives from the organization at one time, creating an opportunity to differentiate your company among a larger group of applicants. Involvement in career fairs and local job meetups are also key components of successful recruitment events that can help you attract a greater number of motivated, interested individuals.


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