Why Philanthropic Companies are Thriving

December 5, 2022

December is a month of giving for most companies.

Perhaps everyone gets into the holiday giving spirit, but organizations are more encouraging about giving back to their communities in December. At HotFoot Recruiters, we want to encourage your company to consider philanthropic efforts all year round. 

HotFoot Recruiters Philanthropic Companies to Work for

Studies have shown that companies that give back are linked to higher levels of employee satisfaction, collaboration and innovation – all attributes which are great for thriving work culture. If that’s not enough motivation, recent data also suggest that value-based organizations are more resilient to withstand crises like pandemics, disasters, social unrest, and challenging times that arise. 


To create a measurable impact, where does one start? You start with a long-term goal. Talk to your team members, who may already be volunteering or associated with organizations such as Boys & Girls Club or National Charity League, where they are familiar with organizing volunteer drives or community fundraisers. 


Next, work with your Human Resources and Leadership teams to build a long-term plan that helps maintain your focus and measure your results. A commitment to philanthropy starts at the top so ensure your CEO and senior leaders are on board to shape the program. 


When leaders make philanthropic efforts a priority and a plan is in place to encourage volunteerism and reward exceptional performance in this area, it will become a priority for others. To help your company manage volunteer hours and philanthropy within your organization, consider making a full-time hire dedicated to supporting your goals. 


You may not be able to put a tangible ROI on community service, but you can create a value-based culture where the positive impact of the holiday season thrives all year long. 


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