The Top 6 Things People Want in a Job

October 24, 2022

At HotFoot Recruiters, we believe knowledge is power. 


Many companies guess what motivates employees to accept new jobs. However, we believe in leaning into data and analytics to turn guesswork into validated insights that inform successful hiring strategies.


Recently, we studied a recent poll from Gallup, a leading global analytics firm since 1935, to help our recruiters understand what motivates today’s job seekers to accept new jobs. Gallup polled 13,085 US employees on what was most important to them when accepting a new job and here’s what they found.

HotFoot Recruiters

1. Pay and well-being-related issues (such as an increase in income or benefits) rose significantly in recent years, securing the first and second spots as the most important factor for accepting a job elsewhere.


2. Greater work-life balance and better personal well-being came in as the third most important factor when accepting a new job. Many other Gallup studies over the past year uncovered just how burned out, overwhelmed and stressed the workforce is at large. Therefore, it can be assumed employers that can provide job flexibility will be best suited to attract new talent. 


3. The ability to do what they do best was fourth on the list. When people are in jobs that allow them to use their strengths, they will perform at higher levels and help promote a more positive work environment. This is why the recruiters at HotFoot are highly-skilled at understanding what excites the candidate about their work in order to match them with a job that is the best fit for their talents. Our recruiters also provide candidates with realistic job descriptions and expectations to ensure they know exactly what to expect from the company.


4. Great stability and job security. About half of the workers surveyed are looking for jobs that provide greater stability and security than the one they are currently in. After two years of living in uncertainty, it may not be a surprise that people are longing to establish themselves at a company that feels secure and unlike to change in the near future. 


5. COVID-19 vaccination policies that align with their beliefs were the fifth highest motivator. It’s worth noting that when this survey was in the field, there was a federal mandate in place requiring federal contractors to be vaccinated. While vaccination policies are a fluid topic, this survey concluded that an alignment between a company’s vaccination policy and the job seeker’s beliefs was a significant factor for four out of 10 employees when in the recruitment process. 


6. A diverse organization inclusive of all types of people was important to 42% of the people surveyed. Many of today’s employers are demanding concrete, substantial change on issues of diversity in the workplace and our recruiters are prepared to discuss those changes and commitments with candidates.


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