What to Keep in Mind If You’re Considering a Career Move

May 11, 2022

Whether it’s a major switch or changing jobs in the same industry, a career move of any kind can feel overwhelming and uncertain.

If you’re feeling stuck or dissatisfied in your current role, you may be considering a career change. Even the thought of making a career pivot can make you feel uneasy as you grapple with identifying exactly what that next move is. Below are four key things to keep in mind as you navigate this next step in your career journey and begin to pave the path forward for your future.

Identify the impact you want to have
Go back to basics and ask yourself fundamental questions that will help inform your next move, beginning with what do you want to be doing? Take pen to paper and write out what excites you, what you are passionate about and what fills you with joy. It could be one specific thing, or it could be a list of responsibilities or things you enjoy, such as interacting with clients or leading and teaching others. Let go of any limiting thoughts and allow your brain to truly answer the question of what makes you happiest and identify what you truly want to do.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do, re-frame the question and ask yourself what kind of impact do you want to have on others? In an interview with LinkedIn on finding your passion, competency and market, Tony Robbins said, “You can’t fall in love with your product or your service today, because it’s going to change. You’ve got to fall in love with the client. You’ve got to decide: who do I want to serve?”


Determine your needs, wants and things that can change
Assess your current role and make a list of the things that you absolutely cannot handle anymore and identify the things that would be nice to have. This will help identify what you want in your next role and what you may need to do to obtain those items on the ‘nice to have’ list. Your wants and needs will help inform your next move, which could be leaving your job, developing new skills or advocating for yourself and communicating with your manager to regain happiness at your existing job. Career development is personal and unique to only you. Listen to yourself internally and determine what will make you happy rather than focusing on opinions of others or what someone else thinks you should do. You have to follow your own desires, what truly matters to you and the things you will not live without (needs) in your next move, or you might find yourself stuck or unhappy in your career again.


Tap into your strengths
The best way to achieve a goal is to utilize what you are already inherently good at. Start by making a list of the things you are good at. Your strengths are not a list of the roles you’ve held, but rather the skills you possess. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to ‘I’m a good receptionist’, but rather ‘I have exceptional people skills, verbal and written communication skills’ and so on. Your strengths will help inform your next decision and reveal how to structure your day to maximize happiness. Write down everything that makes you happiest, that you feel you are good at, including; your interests, when you feel best about the work you’re doing and what you most look forward to. Leverage your skills to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


Focus on What You Will Do Next
The best thing you can do is to start working toward where you want to be, step by step. Understand where you want to go and take steps in that direction every day. The question of “where do you want to be in five years” is antiquated and unrealistic. Five years is a long time to plan for anything, particularly something as monumental and unpredictable as a career move.

Rather than obsessing over the goal of the next five years, try to think about where you want to be in just one year. As you create a plan forward, outline what a successful year following that plan looks like. You don’t have to achieve your biggest, most audacious goals or even be working in the industry you desire in one year. Instead, simply put yourself on the path toward where you want to be and take actionable steps that keep moving you closer to that end goal of what you truly want and need.

Once you’ve defined your version of success for the next year, make a list of the steps that will take you there. Begin the day you make your list of steps for the future and work your way forward from there, step by step, day by day.


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