The Last Impression Matters

The Last Impression Matters

Consistent feedback from our clients and recruiters verifies the importance of having a great first impression in interviews. With that said, we also know the last impression is equally important.

Try these four techniques that helped some of our candidates leave a lasting impression:

  1. Ask good questions. Put the research in ahead of time so you can leave them with the impression that you were fully trying to understand what your role would be within their company. Asking great questions is an important part of showing your sincere intentions toward the job opening.
  2. As the interview is coming to a close, ask the interviewer in what areas, if any, they are worried you will not be able to perform at a high level in the position. This might give you a chance to turn their apprehension into confidence in your potential.
  3. After all the details have been discussed you should be assessing whether or not this position is a fit. If you want the position it is crucial that the interviewers know how you feel. Express that you look forward to the opportunity of being the next addition to their team. If you show little energy and provide no indication that you want the job, they will have no confidence in extending the offer.
  4. When you get home from the interview take ten minutes to write a thank you email or letter to the interviewers. They had to take time out of their busy work day to consider you for the position. A quick thank you will express your gratitude.

Each of these four suggestions will put you on the right track to leave an impression that may translate into a job offer.

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