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RPO Services

HotFoot Recruiters’ recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services provides customized support to meet your business’s specific fulfillment and workforce management needs. Offering top to bottom management of your recruitment process, HotFoot oversees talent sourcing, candidate interviewing, candidate screening and advisement through the final stages of the hiring decision. We are agile in our approach and provide the technology and expertise necessary to decrease your recruiting expenses and execute without the need of hiring an internal recruiting team.

Below are our featured RPO models for a customized recruiting solution.

Cost Per Transaction Model An on-demand approach, whereby RPO or consulting services are billed per transaction or at an hourly rate. This model provides for a specific process to be completed, such as candidate screening or background checks.
Cost Per Slate Model A contracted fee for a specific number of sourced, screened and qualified candidates for each position. Once this slate of candidates is provided, the organization’s internal recruiters take over the hiring process.
Cost Per Hire Model A contracted fee for each candidate that is successfully brought through the hiring process and either offered the position, or hired, by the client.
Management Fee Model A contracted monthly fee for managing the hiring process for a specific number of positions.
Management Fee Plus Cost Per Hire Model A hybrid of the cost per hiring and management fee models. This partnership includes ongoing recruiting efforts and management, along with fees paid for successful hires.