How to Recruit in the New Remote Work Landscape

By HotFoot Recruiters on May 20, 2020

The growing acceptance of remote working culture has emphasized the need for modifications and adjustments in the recruitment processes.

The traditional method of face to face interviews and meetings are no longer feasible due to the existing scenario surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic.

That being the case, recruiters must hire employees through a remote hiring process. Here are a few benefits of remote hiring.

Pros of Hiring Remotely

Even though the Virtual Recruitment process might involve some adjustments in the beginning, there are a few benefits that would serve as a golden opportunity for recruiters.

  • Impartial Recruitment: With recruiters employing technical processes for recruitment, the constant virtual checks keep biases away.
  • Multiple Opportunities: Remote hiring makes it possible for candidates to apply for interviews in distant locations.
  • Fast Moving Hiring: With the traveling time greatly reduced and interviews being done remotely, the hiring process has become faster and streamlined.
    Employer Brand: Remote Hiring gives the perfect opportunity for recruiters to promote their employer brand by following an efficient hiring process.
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Steps Involved in Remote Hiring

Adopt New Technology

The primary step to start any remote hiring process is to have the technology that supports the process. For companies that have recently started or are yet to begin virtual hiring, it is a prerequisite to carry out remote hiring in a seamless and consistent manner.

Focus on Doing Away with the Loopholes in the Process

Having an efficient hiring process requires it to be foolproof, without any loopholes. It is, therefore, recommended to include additional criteria in the remote hiring process to do away with the shortcomings of the process.

Steps that aid in measuring the soft skills of the applicant can prove beneficial during the final selection. A robust due diligence process that offers assured results of ID checking, reference checking, and CV screening can prove highly beneficial in getting the right candidate.

Work on Employer Brand

As remote working is becoming the norm among companies across the world, it is no longer a criterion that sets the employer apart from others. Employees must look for other factors that maintain and uplift the employer brand. Factors such as bias-free recruitment process, customized responses to customer queries, declaring company records in a transparent manner, and honest positive reviews and customer feedback help in uplifting an employer brand virtually.

Have the Right Questions in Place

Since an online interview makes it difficult for the recruiters to assess the body language of the applicant, it is recommended to have a template of questions to cover all possible aspects. It must be kept in mind that the questions must be arranged in a manner to leave no aspect untouched.

Keeping the benefits of remote hiring in mind, it must be understood that technology is the key aspect over here. And the other critical aspect is the applicant or candidate who must be made totally comfortable and at ease for smooth hiring.

The digital landscape had already made our working environment smaller. Now with the emergence of this pandemic, companies are realizing the benefits associated with remote employees. This has, in turn, prompted recruitment companies to be on-edge with their recruitment process and adopt.