How to Make a Positive Impact During Your First 90 Days

November 9, 2022

You got the job! Congratulations.

Regardless of which career path you took, everyone wants the same thing: to make a positive impact during your first 90 days. Here are some tips from our nationwide recruiting experts.

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Establish Your Priorities
Check in with your manager to understand the expectations of the job and your deliverables. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your goals so you can best prioritize how to achieve them. 


Lean In 
Get to know your team and take the initiative to learn more about the company. Network with other peers in your organization to establish great working relationships and show your eagerness to get involved.


Listen and Learn
You won’t be expected to have all the answers on day one. Or even on day two. So take this opportunity to absorb as much information as you can about your team, how your company operates, and the opportunities where you can apply your skills to create positive improvement. 


Secure an “Early Win”
Go the extra mile, finish the task early, or contribute an idea to a pressing topic to secure yourself a “win” early on. This is a great way to validate your position at the company and get the ball rolling on a successful career at your new company. 

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