How Temporary Work Could Offer a Lifeline for Recruiters during Coronavirus

By HotFoot Recruiters on May 18, 2020

The emergence of the ongoing pandemic has brought the whole world under a pause. Major countries are facing lockdown, offices are closed, economies are adversely impacted, and unemployment is at its peak.

Businesses that thrived on large public gatherings are the worst hit. Moreover, travel & tourism companies, entertainment, shopping malls, and restaurants are facing the backlash of these circumstances, with bleak chances of any immediate respite.

Employers are not sure about the way ahead; recruiters have become superfluous, and jobs are frozen. With no recruitments soon, recruiters are losing their jobs, and looking for temporary jobs seems like an ideal solution in such an unprecedented situation.

Even though some businesses have been drastically hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are sectors that have seen multifold growth in their business. Employers and business owners dealing with the procurement and supply of essential goods such as groceries, vegetables, and other related items have witnessed an exceptional increase in demand for these products.

Companies dealing with the delivery of these items have seen a huge rise in their demand. To cater to the mammoth delivery of these goods, these companies are conducting large scale hiring at different levels of operations.

Unemployed recruiters and employees of hospitality, tourism, or entertainment industry can start looking for a temporary job in these industries. Temporary work in these companies would help in sustenance in these critical times.

Multinational companies such as Amazon are carrying out huge recruitment drives to hire delivery and warehouse staff. Other popular companies such as Uber Eats and Just Eat are looking to hire temporary workers to meet their ever-growing demand.

The agriculture sector, which is the backbone of the essential services has opened doors for temporary workers to help them with the packaging of fruits and vegetables. With the movement of laborers restricted, temporary workers seem the best fit for this task.

According to a rough estimate, an additional 50,000 jobs have been created as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Most of these jobs are temporary and have been created to meet the extraordinary demand in the market.

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The large-scale hiring, recruitment, and training have created a demand for recruiters to assist these companies to build their team.

Laid off recruiters must look out for companies who are on a hiring spree and join their team as a temporary recruiter. Even though the job profile may not match their previous work experience or skill set, an extra effort on their part would help them stay employed.

This way, the recruiters working as temporary workers not only find a way out for themselves, they would be even able to support in hiring people for the job of delivery executives, delivery drivers, warehouse executive, managers, operations officer, shelf stackers, cashiers, customer service executive, seasonal farmers, etc. who are in high demand.

The switching of the sector may seem an unsafe and risky idea to some. However, looking for a temporary job in sectors that are thriving seems the perfect solution in this trying time to stay afloat and keep yourself employed.