How Online Platforms Help in Achieving Organized Recruitment Marketing

By HotFoot Recruiters on June 29, 2020

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our lives, online platforms have significantly assisted organizations to fulfill their desired requirements.

The recruitment process has shifted from being offline to online, owing to the availability of various online platforms. This has prompted both employees as well as employers to reap its benefits in their professional journey.

Here are a few ways through which Online Platforms are helping in making recruitment efficient and streamlined.

Existing Employees Sharing Open Vacancy on their Social Media

When existing employees use their personal social media accounts to post about an open job vacancy, the company gets access to an even larger pool of candidates. In many cases, there are passive candidates who are currently employed and may not be in search of a job.

However, seeing the job vacancy on their friend, relative, or acquaintance’s social media account makes them an eligible candidate for the company.

Many times, companies have used this strategy to tap into some brilliant resources that are working in peer companies and had a successful recruitment drive.

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Employees Sharing their Feedback on Job Portals Such as Glassdoor

Individuals who are applying for a job, conduct a comprehensive research of the concerned company starting from its establishment, brand worth, previous performances, and reviews posted by former and current employees.

Companies with positive feedback from their employees witness a higher turnout of candidates applying for a job vacancy.

Impact of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has gained immense popularity among job seekers and recruiters in recent years due to its ease of hiring candidates.

With the right profile, updated details, a network of like-minded people, and recruiters; job seekers have witnessed a rise in their employment probability.

This professional social network has enabled recruiters to access the profiles of people who match their requirements and contact them for online interviews.

Highlighting Company’s Brand

Using online job portals and platforms to enhance the company’s name highlights the brand value of the employer.

Jobseekers get attracted to a company/employer who is ranked among the top employers in the online job portals.

A company with a strong social value, top performance, and empathetic work culture receives high volume applications from jobseekers.

Posting Advertisements on Social Media Platforms

Job advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are successful in reaching a huge percentage of people.

Since the advertisements are posted on platforms with immense reach, recruiters get a huge talent base to select from.

Another key factor is recruiters can check the social media profiles of their candidates and get additional information. Many times, this information has proved beneficial in the final selection of the candidates.

The usage of online platforms has seen an unprecedented rise in the last few months. Recruiters who use various methods to reach potential candidates get the ideal talent base by reaching a higher percentage of people.