Don’t Lose Your Will to Work

Don’t Lose Your Will to Work

Your alarm has just gone off. You reach out and almost instinctively find the snooze button without a problem. It’s time to go to work. But wait, why are you not moving? It seems like your “get up and go” left without you. You could have lost your will to work. This attitude is detrimental to your mental and career health.

How does a person lose their “will to work”?

A few examples are: boredom, being treated as insignificant, no growth and repetitiveness. Are you suffering from any of these?

How do I get out of this slump?

Starting from today, re-look at your goals and ambitions. Revisit your big ideas and dreams that somehow got lost while trying to make a success of yourself. Re-focus on who you are and what you can do to improve your work environment. Change will only happen if you want it.

Don’t be afraid!

Just remember, that if you try and you fail, you can pick yourself up again and again. Find your mojo. That one thing that makes you stand-out. Define yourself. You might be surprised where the road leads you to next and what a difference it will make in finding your “will to work”.

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