Direct Hire Placements for a Fortune 100 Medical Distribution Company

May 12, 2023
Direct Hire Case Study Result





Medical Device Manufacturing


A renowned Fortune 100 healthcare solutions provider that operates on a global scale. With a strong focus on enhancing patient care, they specialize in supplying a wide range of medical products and services to various healthcare institutions. Their offerings encompass medical equipment, surgical instruments, personal protective equipment, and pharmaceuticals.


Position Hired
Warehouse Supervisors
Warehouse Managers


  • Hiring Warehouse Supervisors & DC Manager positions at places where there are not a lot of talent.
  • Need to hire multiple candidates in a short span of time due to expansion plans.
  • Required candidates with high volume distribution management experience, which was a specific skillset that not all candidates possessed.



To help our client find the right candidates for these positions, we partnered with internal recruiters and set a goal to hire 25 Supervisors and Managers by the end of Q1. We sourced candidates from various platforms in different states and conducted video screening interviews. We also administered assessments prior to submittal to ensure that we were only submitting qualified candidates.

The following is the breakdown of the hiring, interview, and submission process for the four states where we found candidates:



Our Talent Placement Process:

  • Sourced potential candidates through various platforms in different states.
  • Conducted video screening interviews with the candidates to assess their skills and qualifications.
  • Administered assessments to the candidates to ensure they met the required qualifications.
  • Submitted the most qualified candidates to the client for interviews.
  • Provided feedback to the client after the interview process.
  • Offered support and guidance to the candidates throughout the hiring process.



We started with just the California location; however, we were able to expand our assistance to three other states (Ohio, Texas, and Massachusetts) because of our outstanding performance compared to other agencies they’ve worked with before. We had weekly meetings with the hiring director to review goals which resulting in placement of 13 highly qualified candidates with extensive experience for the Warehouse Supervisor and Manager positions.



“Miguel was the predominant recruiter for this role and filled 80% of the roles himself.”

– Hiring Director


Miguel was the predominant recruiter for this role, filling an impressive 80% of the positions himself. Charlie’s expertise in candidate screening and assessment helped us to identify the most qualified individuals for the positions. Together, they provided our client with a customized staffing solution that addressed their specific challenges and resulted in a successful outcome.

Miguel Sanabria

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Charlie Bristol

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