Contract-to-Hire Placement Success for an International Manufacturing Company

May 25, 2023



Phoenix, Arizona


Manufacturing, Warehouse


A manufacturing company based in Phoenix, AZ, establishing a new facility with a focus on production and operational efficiency.


Position Hired
Warehouse Associates
Production Manufacturing Associates
Maintenance Tech
Production Line Lead


In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing and warehouse operations, our international client embarked on a new venture in Phoenix, AZ. They encountered various significant challenges and objectives. These included establishing a new facility in a new city, and navigating a multicultural management structure while ensuring production goals are met. Here are some primary objectives for each challenge:

  • Production and Warehouse: The client came to HotFoot Recruiters to resolve the challenge of efficiently staffing their production and warehouse positions to meet operational demands because they were so new to the Valley & could not locate the ideal talent.
  • Establishing a New Facility: As an international company starting a new facility in the U.S., the client needed assistance in quickly building a competent workforce to support their operations.
  • Multi-Cultural Management Structure: Working with a multi-cultural management structure presented unique communication and coordination challenges for the client.



Our tailored solution was designed to address the unique challenges our client faced in the manufacturing and warehouse industry. Drawing upon our expertise and industry knowledge, we implemented a comprehensive approach to streamline the recruitment process, provide flexible support during the facility establishment, and leverage our specialized network for effective multicultural communication.

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: We made all hiring decisions on behalf of the client, eliminating the communication barriers and the need for the clients to conduct interviews. This enabled us to expedite the recruitment process, resulting in an average of 50 new hires per month.
  • Flexibility and Support: Recognizing there were other challenges associated with starting a new facility, we provided the client with a flexible approach. We were prepared to address any struggles and adapt our recruitment strategies accordingly.
  • Leveraging Bilingual Recruiters: Leveraging our experienced recruiters who are bilingual and their extensive network of Spanish-speaking & Mandarin-speaking candidates built over the years, we were able to provide the client with a unique solution that other firms couldn’t offer. This enabled effective communication and alignment with their multicultural management structure.



  • High Contract Conversion to Permanent Offers: A notable 40% of the candidates we placed transitioned into permanent positions within 90 days of working with the client. This indicates the successful match between the candidates’ skills and the company’s long-term needs.
  • Exceptional Candidate Quality: Demonstrating the strength of the candidates we provided, an impressive 9% of hires were early buyouts as they exhibited exceptional skills and potential. Many of these candidates were promoted to management positions, further highlighting their quality and the value they brought to the organization.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: By ensuring a steady influx of qualified talent, we contributed to the client’s ability to maintain optimal production and warehouse operations, minimizing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.



“HotFoot is our preferred vendor; we saw a dramatic difference between them and our other staffing firms.”

– Hiring Director



Stephanie was the star recruiter for the account! She single-handly interviewed and hired over 100 talents for the client.

On the other hand, Miguel were able to leverage their bilingual recruiting skills and were able to onboard over 100+ bilingual candidates for our clients.


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