Avoid These Common Resume Mistakes

November 18, 2022

Avoid These Common Resume Mistakes

In any job market, let alone a competitive one, do not sell yourself short by making these avoidable resume blunders. We’re sharing some of the most common mistakes people make on their resumes in hopes it helps you avoid them.

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Spelling and Grammar Errors
It’s a fact. Some words are just harder to spell. We get that. But, investing the extra time to run spell check or ask a friend to proofread your resume will help you catch careless mistakes that may convey to the employer that you are not detailed-oriented. 


Poor Formatting 
Can your resume fit onto one page? If not, try reducing the margins and font size so the type is still legible but not too wide or large that your resume reads more like a book than a concise job summary. If your resume must be two pages, make sure you place “Page 2” as the header on the second page and use a paper clip or staple to secure the pages together. 


Exaggerating the Truth
Writing that you are an expert or proficient in Microsoft Excel might seem like a great idea to get your foot in the door, but when you get the job and are asked to perform at an expert level, you are going to instantly regret it. It’s important to be confident in your skills, but avoid lying or stretching the truth. 


Not Focusing on What You Achieved
People tend to focus more on the responsibilities of the job rather than on the things they achieved in the job. Make sure your resume is clear on your roles and responsibilities while highlighting your key achievements that showcase the skills, experiences and successes you may bring to a new company. 


Putting the Wrong (or no) Contact Information
We’ve seen it before. A great resume is detrimental to your job search if you do not provide current contact information. If no one can reach you, how are they going to discuss the position with you? This is a detail you do not want to overlook. 

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