Are You Staffed for Success in the Semiconductor Market?

October 17, 2022

It’s no mystery that Phoenix is emerging as a manufacturing hotspot in the US.

With the announcement of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) building a $12 billion chip-fabrication plant in Phoenix with plans to be operational in 2024 and Intel, America’s largest chip producer, investing $20 billion to build two new semiconductor plants at its Ocotillo Campus, Phoenix has established itself as a strong player in strengthening the country’s chip manufacturing ecosystem. 

HotFoot Semiconductor Recruiters

“Beyond the nearly 5,000 direct, high-wage jobs the TSMC and Intel investments are expected to create, the projects are anticipated to generate thousands of indirect positions for suppliers and other companies within the semiconductor industry,” states Commercial Property Executive.

HotFoot Recruiters

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, HotFoot Recruiters is located in the heart of advanced manufacturing growth. HotFoot Recruiters has been an industry leader in semiconductor staffing and recruiting since 2009. Our seasoned engineering recruiters have built trusted relationships with manufacturers, engineers, technicians and operators of all experience levels. 


From recent graduates to seasoned engineers, and contract hires to permanent placements, HotFoot Recruiters partners with advanced manufacturing companies nationwide to save them time, money and resources searching for the right candidate. Combined with its large network, HotFoot Recruiters uses highly-skilled engineering recruiters, talent analytics, hiring strategies, and advanced recruitment tools to narrow down the talent pool and find your match.

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