A Compact Guide for Reopening Small Businesses

By HotFoot Recruiters on June 4, 2020

As most of us prepare to resume work after the lockdown relaxation, people are extending their questions concerning the new working norms.

Small businesses are hesitant about how they can reopen their operations in a safe and secure manner.

Addressing the numerous concerns of small businesses, a small and compact guide has been rolled out to assist them in coping with the changes and adjust to the new ‘normal’.

Reopening Small Businesses | HotFoot Recruiters

Steps to Take While Reopening Your Business After COVID-19 Restrictions

Make Safety Practices a Priority

Follow and implement basic hygiene practices like proper handwashing, frequent cleaning of the workplace, proper and safe sanitation practices, and respiratory hygiene. Make use of PPE kit, if the business requires their usage, as per the health safety guidelines by WHO.

Moreover, ensure effective implementation of social distancing at work by making use of rotational shifts, sealing common areas, maintaining a 6-feet distance between different workstations, and staying away from large gatherings.

Businesses should arrange for regular health check-ups and formulate a COVID-management policy to handle any case that is found positive.

Create a New Business Plan

Design a new business plan at the time of reopening your small business by giving due attention to your budget, space, location, supply chain services, products and services offered, and the revenue in hand.

Resume Communication

While restarting your small business, make sure to communicate all safety practices followed by you to your customers, stakeholders, and partners.

Employ multiple platforms to share information with your employees, customers, and vendors. If you wish them to follow any new practice, keep your vendors well informed.


Executing the changes is the need of the hour. If your business is customer-facing, take suggestions from your employees on potential safety measures and their concerns.

Prepare a plan for all the safety measures, starting from sanitizing the premises, maintaining personal and employee hygiene, maintaining social distancing, getting in touch with your vendors and supply chain support, informing the changes in business measures, and informing your customers through all channels about reopening your business.

Be Prepared for Any New Obstacles

During the first few days of reopening, there will be a horde of things demanding your immediate attention. Things won’t work as per your expectations and you will have to make some quick decisions based on the problem at hand.

Stay in constant touch with your employees and make them feel at ease. The situation is new to everyone. Mistakes are bound to happen. Keep your customers informed about the steps you are taking to find a way around the obstacles.

Try to get regular feedback from your customers, vendors, employees, and partners. Use social media polls to collect data and analyze their response to know how your business is doing after reopening.

The world is going through an unprecedented situation, one that has caused global uproar and damaged the lives of many. Thus, highlighting the extent of responsibility businesses have on their shoulders when reopening their operations.

Taking adequate and effective measures, without being complacent, is the need of the hour for businesses of all shapes and sizes.