5 Ways to Work From Home Without Distractions

By HotFoot Recruiters on April 15, 2020

No hassle of transportation, the flexibility of time, and working from the comfort of your couch.

These are some of the clichéd points that make work from home sound so alluring. However, in reality, a number of points make it extremely difficult, especially distractions.

These distractions get you out of your seat when you are at home and prompt you to do unproductive activities. Any freelancer would be in agreement with that statement. With COVID-19 pandemic at its peak and long indoor hours the new norm, be prepared for more of such times.

Following are some of the common distractions working from home:

  • Household chores
  • Unexpected calls from friends
  • Procrastination
  • Kids
  • Lack of IT support
Ways to Work from Home | HotFoot Recruiters

To keep your focus on your work, just maintain a few rules:

Keep Your Mobile Away

Unless you have to rely on it for your job. Your smartphone is a gateway to social media and it connects you with the world. It bombards you with information, some useful and some totally out of context, and sometimes, your friends set the trap of distraction.

  • Switch of the data
  • Ensure you only receive calls that are important
  • If needed, then plan certain time gaps to check your smartphone.

Set a Dedicated Workspace

It is all in the mindset. In the office premise, working is easier as it has the ambience. You have to set one for yourself inside your home.

To create such a dedicated workspace, get your tools at a hand’s distance so that you do not have to move much from your space. It will create an ambience and motivate you.

Maintain Boundaries

People fail to understand sometimes the concept of work from home. This is because they probably never experienced it. They believe you can join for a matinee show or lunch without hassle.

  • Set some rules for them
  • Go for some fixed hours schedule
  • Take charge of it, or their plans will distract you

Save Household Chores for Later

When you are at home, you will notice so many things that need special attention from cooking to cleaning and washing. You will probably try multitasking.

  • Do not try multitasking. It will distract you and you will forget things about your job
  • Set a separate time for your household things
  • Do not let household chores distract you during your work hours

Set Daily Task Lists

One of the biggest problems when it comes to working from home is attaining discipline.

This can be attained by setting up a routine or a task list for the day. Make sure you do that every day in the morning and tick them as the day goes along.

In the US, the number of people working from home is around 3.7 million. The number of employers allowing this has risen by 40% in the last 5 years.

Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has brought forward a change in working culture that is unlike anything we have seen before. Thus, it is imperative for us to act accordingly and be aware of how to work from home without distractions.