4 Tips on How to Provide a Great Candidate Experience Remotely

By HotFoot Recruiters on April 21, 2020

Companies across the globe are shifting towards a virtual environment.

Moreover, employees are inclining towards work from home culture and recruiters are favoring remote hiring.

In such an environment, it becomes imperative for a recruiter to look at various challenging factors that are out of their direct control. However, there are a number of steps that hiring managers or technical recruiters can take to ensure a great candidate experience.

Here are 4 essential steps that can smoothen your remote hiring process and offer a positive candidate experience.

Working Remotely | HotFoot Recruiters

Informed Hiring Process

With the business world evolving at a rapid pace and decisions constantly changing, it’s important to keep the candidates abreast about the steps involved in the hiring process.

This can be done when posting a job post requirement with the help of a compact description. Add to this, recruiters can add a FAQ section about their hiring process for remote workers. A number of companies are seen employing this strategy to ensure clarity among the applying candidates.

Moreover, a prompt mail can be sent to the applicant stating that your application has been received or is under process. In cases of any changes or delays in the hiring process, proactive communication measures should be taken.

Introduction to Company Culture

Probably one of the biggest challenges when it comes to remote hiring is the limitation to showcase ones’ company culture. To give your candidates a personalized introduction to the culture and values of your company, make sure to send them some branded content.

Branded packages are a great resource for recruiters to turn towards to impart a positive candidate experience. Some key branded contents that can be used are company articles and videos, information from branding campaigns, and team event journals.

Leverage the Power of Online Tools

Unlike on-site interviews, remote interviews are conducted without any whiteboard for a candidate to map out their work. This is especially essential for technical interviews. With the help of tools like CodePair, recruiters can undertake pair programming technical interviews.

The tool has an in-built video calling feature and creates a customizable collaborative coding environment. This can be beneficial for hiring teams to make informed decisions about the candidate’s skill in real-time.

Creating a Distraction-free Environment

Although a rather obvious point, it is extremely important and often overlooked. A recruiter must make sure that there are no openings for interruptions in a remote interview. To tackle connectivity-related issues, purchasing an Ethernet cord and using a hardwired internet connection can be a likely solution.

Make sure to create an environment free from any distractions and unwanted interruptions, preferably quiet and noise-free. On the other hand, even though you have little control over the candidate’s environment, make sure to send an email advising them to be in a distraction-free environment with stable internet connectivity.

It is important to remember that there are bound to be moments where stumbles will occur. Thus, it is important to be patient and kind to the situation. One of the most essential points in ensuring a great candidate experience remotely is being understanding. Being understanding with your candidates speaks volumes about your company and its work environment.