HFR Technical

HFR Technical, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise, was founded in 2009. We are a full service recruiting/technical staffing agency. We pride ourselves in being one of Arizona’s only minority owned recruiting/technical staffing agencies. At HFR Technical we always have our clients goals in mind by providing quality talent that doesn’t just fulfill their needs, but exceeds their expectations. We communicate closely with individuals seeking work in several industries, with a focus in the technical industries. Our recruiters are highly skilled and prepared to find the correct talent for our clients.
At HFR Technical we strive to be the desired connection between talented individuals and businesses that need unparalleled employees. It is our goal to build and maintain excellent relationships with everyone we come in contact with. In the process of building relationships, we will provide results that are unmatched in the industry.

Diversity in the Workplace
At HFR Technical we believe that diversity is an essential part of growth within an organization. Diversity promotes growth, innovation, and a well-rounded approach to your company’s business endeavors. HFR Technical has staffing solutions that will assist organizations in meeting their state and national minority staffing requirements. In addition, your contract with a certified MBE will fulfill any diversity goals or contract requirements within your company. HFR Technical has a large pool of experienced talent. We find applicants that do more than fulfill the job requirement; our candidates take your company to the next level.
Our Promise
At HFR Technical we promise to provide a recruiting service that exceeds all your technical staffing needs, while promoting lasting growth through diversification within your organization. Our professional recruiters specializing in various technical industries are energetic and driven to provide the best customer experience available. Through diversification and a strong desire to assist our clients in the growth of their organization, HFR Technical is your superior staffing provider.