Interview Success

At HotFoot Recruiters we make sure our candidates are fully prepared for their interviews. This page is full of resourceful content in helping candidates properly prepare for each stage of the hiring process. The information found below is helpful for candidates of all experience levels. We highly advise our potential hires to read through our three part interview success guide before coming into our office to meet a recruiter.

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1. Preparation

  • Generate a Strong Resume | Even though you had an outstanding interview, your resume may be what ultimately sets you apart from other candidates who interviewed well.
  • Other Important Documents | Write an appropriate cover letter for you each job you’re interested in. Include both the skills that make you a fit in the company, and why the company will be a great fit for you.Contact each of your references to confirm that they are okay with you listing their name and contact information. Include this information on a reference sheet.
  • Making an Impression | Making a strong first impression may be the deciding factor in landing your next job. Making sure your impression is strong through social networks, online, and in the interview is the key to landing the job.
  • Job Search | Seeking a recruiter can lighten the burden of job search, while ensuring you will find the right fit. HotFoot Recruiters has multiple recruiters who specialize in various industries. We will get to know you as a person and find out exactly what you want in your next job.
  • Interview Preparation | Educate yourself on the company you are interviewing with. Interviews are an opportunity for an employer to ask questions, but also an opportunity for candidates to ask relevant questions about the company. In addition, whether you fill out an application before the interview or with your recruiter, you need to have a resume supplement that lists specific dates for your work history.

2. The Interview

  • Best Practices | Interviewers usually make up their mind about a candidate in the first 30 seconds after meeting them. It is your job to win their approval in this window of time. When you introduce yourself, smile, offer a good hand shake, and most importantly act energetic! These three actions go a long way in starting off the interview.
  • Closing the Interview | As the interview is ending, evaluate how it went. If you feel like you nailed it, then express your interest in the position to the interviewer. Make sure to make a statement letting them know that you have evaluated their company throughout the interview and you feel that it is a correct fit for you. Before you leave, make sure to clarify why you are interested in their company and what assets you bring to the table. Also, get the interviewer’s business card so you can write them a thank you letter.

3. Following the Interview

  • The Follow-Up | Following up after an interview is a vital part of the hiring process. Make sure to write down the important topics covered in the interview. The “thank you” letter must be written no later than 24 hours after the interview. Also, it is crucial to follow-up with your recruiter after the interview to discuss how it went and where to go from there.
  • Is It The Right Opportunity?  | When you get home from the interview, spend some time evaluating the interview and how promising the position is for your future. Write down your immediate thoughts on the positives and negatives of the interview. If you quickly see a long list of negatives, this may not be the best opportunity for you.
  • Resign Formally | After you have landed the perfect job, you have probably told your family and friends. Before you tell any of your colleagues at work, it is best to formally resign. If you properly resign, you will be the first person to tell your employer you are leaving. Taking this approach may lead to a smoother resignation experience, and hopefully your employer will support you in your decision.
  • Analyzing the Counter Offer | It is natural to be tempted by the counter offer. Before accepting and staying with your current employer, make sure to be aware of some possible repercussions.

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