Inside HotFoot Recruiters

Inside HotFoot Recruiters

Ever wonder what exactly a recruiting firm such us ours does? Have you ever hesitated on giving us a call because you think there might be a cost associated with our services? Or maybe you haven’t called because it doesn’t look like we fill positions in your industry or skill-set. Does it make sense to use a staffing firm when you might be able to get the same position straight from the employer?

HotFoot Recruiters is paid by our respected clients to provide talent that is a perfect fit for their company culture and workload requirements. Our clients trust us to take care of the hiring process so they don’t have to spend costly time searching for new additions to their team. Job applicants don’t have to pay us anything for our recruiting services. If we have a job that fits your experience and current interests, we go to work for you to make sure you have a great opportunity of landing the position. We have recruiters skilled in just about every industry. If you are curious about opportunities we may have in your industry, contact us and a specialty recruiter will fill you in on what we have to offer.

Part of our recruiting process is that we fully prepare each candidate for the interview with our client. Our candidates are fully informed on the clients company culture, what will be expected on a day to day basis, and what the interview process will entail. If you have the right experience and skills, we will make sure you are prepared for success in the interview.

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