If You Don’t Succeed, We Don’t Succeed

If You Don’t Succeed, We Don’t Succeed

Candidates we present to our clients are always qualified. So why do some candidates fall short? In some cases, candidates fall short because they are resistant to apply our recruiter’s suggestions.

It is important to remember that a major advantage of working with a staffing firm in a job search is the detailed information we can provide on what the employer is looking for in the right candidate. Our recruiters have a wealth of information that can help our candidates fully prepare for an interview.

The following are several suggestions our recruiters may offer depending on the situation:

* Appropriate dress recommendations
* Resume edits that help emphasize certain skill-sets that are most relevant to the client’s needs
* Eye contact, handshake, and body language tips
* Effective communication practices
* Company research tips

We don’t make all of these suggestions to every candidate. These are simply examples of suggestions that may be effective for certain people depending on the job they seek. Some candidates aren’t willing to make edits to their resume or follow through with tweaking certain behaviors, because they are hesitant to change. It is important to know that recruiters aren’t trying to change who you are or make you behave in a way that is unnatural. It is the recruiter’s job to make sure each candidate is fully prepared to express the key points that make them a perfect fit for the unique position at hand. In order for this to happen, it may be necessary to accept constructive criticism and make small changes.

Ultimately it is up to the candidate to be an open book with the recruiter. This allows effective communication and proper preparation. Although it is natural to decline criticism, it can be very productive for candidates to turn our suggestions into fuel for a successful interview. Our firm urges each and every job seeker to work WITH their recruiter and avoid resisting help that could make the difference. After all, if the people we represent don’t succeed in landing the job, our company hasn’t succeeded.

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