How to “Stay Hot” in the New Year

How to “Stay Hot” in the New Year

At HotFoot Recruiters, “Stay Hot” is our motivational term for success. The term is deep-seated in our company culture. We use it not only as an internal motivator but as encouragement for our candidates and clients to live up to their full potential. When contemplating my first addition to the HFR Blog for 2014, I felt this was the best opportunity to share our company’s philosophy and approach to each day. In addition to becoming more familiar with how HotFoot operates, hopefully the “Stay Hot” approach can become a motivator in your life.

So what does “Stay Hot” mean at HotFoot Recruiters?  The term encompasses a few things: staying relevant, staying sharp, constant improvement, open to change, seeking innovation, challenging yourself, and leading a healthy life style. In summary, to “Stay Hot” is to do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself and never stop improving.

No two people are exactly alike. We may have different styles of getting the job done, we may have different expectations for ourselves, we may have different skill-sets or specialties, or we may even have different cultures or backgrounds. Regardless, when it is all said and done if we make an effort to “Stay Hot”, success is always in reach. Whether you want success for yourself, your family, or your business, try sharing our philosophy at HotFoot Recruiters and make tomorrow better than today.

Check out the video above,  it is one of my favorites.

It just might provide the additional motivation needed to “Stay Hot” in 2014!


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