How to Dress For an Interview

How to Dress For an Interview

Deciding how to dress for an interview may seem simple.  I urge you to rethink your strategy when dressing for an interview. It may be easier than you think to go overboard on either the conservative side or the liberal side of choosing your next wardrobe. The following are some suggestions on what to avoid wearing in your next interview.

1. Overly Tight or Loose Clothing. 
*Inappropriate and possibly offensive to the interviewer*

2. Jeans
*Jeans clash in the office space. Avoid at all costs!*

3. Clothing With Holes or Stains
*Little flaws can be distracting. Stay polished.*

4. Shirts With Slogans
*Distracting and Inappropriate*

5. Beach Wear
*Dress up not down. No sandals, shorts or midriff showing shirts. It sends the wrong message*

6.  Loungewear
*Yoga pants, sweats, shorts…etc. Perfect for hanging around the house, but not in the office space.*

7. Tons of Sparkle
*A conservative amount of sparkle on your clothes is okay. However, too much can be distracting. Let your sparkle come from your personality not your wardrobe.*

Some may disagree, but our experience has proven that it may be irrelevant whether or not you have the perfect skills for a job if your appearance is terrible in an interview. The way you dress could negatively effect the outcome. Proper dress will show thoughtfulness and prove that you have serious intentions to earn the open job opportunity.

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