Contributors to Landing a Job. Relevance, The Approach, Staying Connected.

Contributors to Landing a Job. Relevance, The Approach, Staying Connected.

Do you want to give yourself the best opportunity to be considered for one of our Hot Jobs? The following are 4 steps to help improve your chances.

  1. Relevance. Unless otherwise noted in the job description, make sure to only apply for openings that closely align with your experience and competencies. In addition, it is vital that you apply for positions you find attractive, not simply a quick fix. We strive to offer ideal opportunities for job applicants while also ensuring that we present quality individuals to our clients.
  1. The Approach. All of our open positions are posted on our company website at all times. The list of Hot Jobs is constantly refreshed with any new opportunities. Candidates are encouraged to apply directly to a position of interest as a first step in the process. We also have a “Post a Resume” form on the website so job seekers can submit their information and resume to be considered for future job openings. In order to start the process of being considered for a job opening, we must have a copy of your resume for review. If candidates call us directly without applying or researching our openings it makes it hard to provide quality feedback. Please keep these guidelines in mind when approaching one of our opportunities.
  1. Questions or Concerns. We have an Email: and “Contact Us” form setup on our website for any questions job seekers may have. After sending an email or submitting a note through the contact form, a HotFoot representative will respond within 24 hours with answers to any questions you may have.
  1. Stay Connected. What if you go through the whole process just to find that a particular opening didn’t work out for you, or maybe you’ve realized that you want to slightly change the direction of your job search? It is important to stay connected with HotFoot. The job search process can be tedious at times, but our recruiters are outstanding at presenting new opportunities to candidates who stay in our network. We may not have a job opening for you now, but our diverse pool of clients send a variety of new opportunities our way each week.

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