Being Honest With Your Recruiter

Being Honest With Your Recruiter

Sometimes stretching the truth about your skillset or providing false information about previous salaries can seem like the easy way to impress a recruiter. I mean after all, if you appear to be a qualified candidate that is all that really matters right? You may think whether or not you can actually perform well in the future position doesn’t really matter as long as you brave the storm of the hiring process. Unfortunately, this outlook will often lead to trouble.

The reality of the situation is that dishonesty results in a waste of time for the candidate and the recruiter. Without accurate information on candidates work history, previous pay, and career expectations recruiters can’t provide the proper fit between their available opportunities and worthy applicants. Dishonesty leads to recruiters spending valuable time that could potentially be wasted if a client quickly realizes in an interview that a submitted candidate is highly unqualified.

Often, if candidates are brutally honest in their responses to initial screening questions other opportunities may be available even if the initial job isn’t a fit. Honesty is essential in a recruiter’s ability to evaluate what the candidate has to offer and how it could potentially fulfill the requirements for an available position.

Honesty is always the best policy in any situation. If you are planning on using a recruiter for your job search: be honest, be detailed in your expectations, be responsive, and clearly express your emotion and dedication to the recruiter. Together these actions will place you a step ahead of the pack. Most importantly establishing trust with your recruiter will ensure that you are heavily considered for any open position within your skillset.


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